Mumford & Sons’ New Single ‘BELIEVE’ Review!

Mumford & Sons yesterday released their brand new single ‘Believe’, which has seen the band completely change their style drastically. It’s a change that I believe has worked, this is because I’ve never really been a fan of the band but this new single has changed my perception on them. That being said, existing Mumford fans may not welcome this change, as it is so different to their previous work.

The song starts of very slow and mellow then incorporates a new sound from Mumford that being a drum kit! The band has taken on board James Ford who has worked with Arctic Monkeys and Haim to play the drums on their upcoming album ‘Wilder Mind’. ‘Believe’ has a pretty impressive guitar riff through the chorus, which also isn’t what you would expect from Mumford in the past but is very well received.

It isn’t just the music that Mumford have changed but also their style! It appears that they have dropped their farmer like style and adapted to a more rock n roll style being seen wearing leather jackets, shirts and blazers. I’m really looking forward to hearing Mumford & Sons new album after hearing this taster. Their new album is out on the 4th May and if you wanted to see them live then head over to either Reading or Leeds festival as they’ve just been announced headliners for 2015!

To listen to the song click the link below!

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